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Hi, my name is Andy Zeland, and I wanted to share with you my experiences using reverse telephone search services. I have used several services and some are much better than others. I don't want you guys to go through the same trial and error I did.

Go ahead and check my reverse telephone search story below. It's about my first experience doing a reverse telephone search or check out my recommended reverse telephone search services on the right.

Reverse Telephone Search Story

I've had a ton of experience using the reverse telephone search in my day, and I felt like I should share my experience, which is both positive and negative.

It all started along time ago when I was in college. I was a telecommunications major at The University of Texas at Austin, which is ironic because it relates to this reverse telephone search story.

Anyway, I had been going to a class about circuits. Like any other class, I did my work, made friends with my peers, and tried to suck up to the teacher. Hey... every bit counts!

Initially, I had a gut feeling that something was different about this class, but I couldn't consciously pick up why. I just brushed it off.

Then the strange calls started to happen. At first it was not a big deal. My phone would ring from this unknown number and when I tried to pick up, the call had already ended.

I did not think much of it at first.

But... it kept happening over and over again, and I got pretty fed up. At this point, I knew nothing about how to do a reverse telephone search, so I asked my friends what I should do.

Most of them gave me lame advice like get a new number... The only problem is that I have too big of an ego to let someone force me to get a new number. Being the comptuer geek I was, I did a Google search and stumbled on reverse telephone search services.

At first I was pretty hesitant, but I figured what the hell. I'll do anything at least once. Being the idiot that I was, I spent hours looking for the absolute cheapest reverse telephone search service.

I finally found one that cost $14.99. It was some "limited" deal. When I saw the information they gave back, I was a bit disapointed. It gave me some nice details, but nothing that helped me track down the person.

Fortunately, I received a refund. At this point I was quite disapointed about this reverse telephone search idea. I was about to give up until I got this idea.

Maybe... just maybe... you have to pay for quality. (novel idea eh?)

I had seen a service that charged 39.99 with unlimited lifetime access. It was a bit pricey for my college budget, but I caved. I was just too annoyed and intrigued about this unknown person calling me.

Long story short... I ended up getting amazing information, but here's the shocking part.

It ended up being a girl in my class I had worked with in a school project. Yeah... I didn't know what to do. She was kinda cute, but the fact she was calling me like this was a bit creepy and clingy.

No... this didn't end in some fairy tale love story from a silly reverse telephone search. However, I did learn the powers of the reverse telephone search as well as a bit about human nature.

I hope my story helps and gives you confidence in these reverse telephone search services.

Andy Zeland

P.S. The service I used was I highly recomend them. I find myself using the lifetime access all the time.

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